The Sheriff is one of the main villains in the series.

He is second in command to King John, whom he secretly insults behind his back.

It was revealed in one episode that his first name was "Arnold", even though the King always calls him "Nottingham."

He loves being mean and rotten and always wears his hat that was revealed in one episode to be knitted by his Auntie Majorie.

He goes around Worksop with Gary and Graeme doing despicable errands for the King, stealing things and arresting the people even for no reason at all.

His main objective is to hunt down and kill Robin Hood, whom he thinks is the main leader of the Merry men after he and King John were tied up to a torture machine.

Robin revealed himself and set fire to the King's underpants. The Sheriff swore to avenge himself on them.

He is also very crafty such as telling made up stories to the villagers to gain their wealth and using Marian's mother as bait to lure Marian to him.

After many fruitless attempts to capture Robin Hood, King John fired him and made himself Sheriff, but after nearly being captured by the Merry men. The Sheriff rescued him in exchange for giving him his job back.

He is often given terrible threats by the King before he does a job if he fails and a harsh punishment if things go wrong.

The Sheriff is by far one of the most hated people in all of Worksop.