Rotten Rose is a recurring villain

Her mortal enemy is Maid Marian who is the leader of the Merry Men, whom she hates and calls them "Wimpy Do-gooders."

They were once old school friends, but didn't always get along.

When she first appeared, she was revealed to be one of Robin Hood's biggest fans and asked to be shown to Marian's hideout in Sherwood to meet him.

She was thrilled and kept taking things from Robin such as his hat feather and one of his arrows.

Later she made a deal with the Sheriff to bring Robin to King John to gain wealth and use Robin's dead body to help build a museum called : "The Robin Hood Experience."

As a result both Marian and Robin were lured to Nottingham Castle for execution, however they were saved by the Merry men and Marian punished Rose by hanging her up while King John's nephew Guy of Gisborne serenaded her in the most unbearable way possible.

Rose is scheming and manipulative and does just about anything to get what she wants (usually with King John) hence her name "Rotten Rose."

She often tries to deny what she's done, makes excuses and tries to make peace with Marian which she instantly refuses.

No matter how many schemes Rose tries they always backfire on her.