Rabies was one of the Merry men.

He first appeared in Worksop and was arrested for organising a raffle without a licence by the Sheriff and was taken with Barrington to Nottingham castle where they were both tied to a torture machine.

Marian, Robin and Little Ron rescued them and they got their revenge by tying the Sheriff and King John to the machine. Afterwards they joined the Merry men.

Rabies is not very bright and always mishears or gets the wrong end of the stick of everything, but his strength is an asset to the Merry men and he does all he can to help out.

He likes to arm wrestle and look after his fir tree called "Susan" who helped him out in one particular episode.

He is also known to get smitten very quickly, such as in one particular episode, he fell in love with a woman called Fergi who beat him in an arm wrestling competition. Unfortunately after Marian tried to bring them together Rabies fell in love with a roof repair woman.

Even though he is considered to be an idiot, he is all heart and does everything he can for the Merry men.