Maid Marian is main heroine and the leader of the merry men.

She started off as a poor peasant girl trying to sell her tadpole called Edwina, but was ordered to be killed by the Sheriff of Nottingham after humiliating him by his two guards Gary and Graeme.

She took a tailor called Robin hostage whilst threatening to destroy King John's underpants that the tailor was sewing and about to give him.

Along the way they met Little Ron who was challenging people on the bridge and Barrington and Rabies who were being tortured at Nottingham Castle.

After freeing them and placing King John and the Sheriff on the torture machine, Robin suddenly removed the hood on his cloak and burned the King's underpants. After Marian said :"Robin...Hood", this made the King believe that Robin was their leader, so she uses him as the main source to carry out her plans.

She is the most practical of the Merry Men. She often gets frustrated by the gang's lack of common sense and shirking of their work.

She is an expert archer and a true leader, even though everyone seems to think of Robin as the hero and giving him all the praise.

Because she is always giving out orders the merry men call her "Bossy boots".

Her mortal enemy is Rotten Rose, who was once her old school friend. She is always getting in her way and finding ways to betray her, but Marian is always wise to her tricks.

She even fell in love with a sleazy dealer called Much, who swindled her out of her money and the Merry men took an instant dislike to. But Marian tricked him and got the money back.

She also always makes speeches to her men saying how famous they will be and how much things will change by their efforts and courage.