Little Ron is one of Maid Marian's Merry Men. He started off as an ordinary peasant trying to pick fights with passers by on the bridge.

He joined the Merry Men when he first met Marian who was holding a wimpish tailor called Robin hostage and carrying him to Sherwood Forest. He was standing on a bridge with his trust quarterstaff challenging them to a fight.

Afterwards he helped Marian and Robin help two men Barrington and Rabies who were being held at Nottingham castle and being cruelly tortured by King John and The Sheriff of Nottingham.

They were released and they put the King and the Sheriff there in their place.

Little Ron is the toughest fighter of the Merry Men and is very short-tempered, he may be short, but his methods of attack and determination make up for it. He carries mostly his quarterstaff and his club. He is appreciated a great deal for his attributes to the Merry Men