King John is the one of the main villains in the series.

His brother Richard I (Whom he nicknames Dicky) entrusted him with England while he was on a crusade.

King John is one of the cruelest monarchs in history and uses his position as King to his advantage such as demanding an egg and a surprise present.

He spends most of the time in his study which is full of hay and overcrowded with chickens where he plots new schemes to gain wealth and make the people miserable.

He has a nephew called Guy of Gisborne, who acts like a five year old and increasingly annoys him. He is often forced to be part of his childish games such as Hide and Seek and Pass the Parcel.

He has often tried to get Guy married so he'd be rid of him but it always fails. He even made Guy fill out a dating form, but Guy couldn't even spell his name.

He has the Sheriff of Nottingham as his second in command and is always ordering him about, giving him horrid threats and harsh punishments ending with a shout of "UNDERSTAND?"

He has a seething hatred for Robin Hood whom he thought was the leader of the Merry men after he revealed himself to him by burning the King's underpants and removing his hood with Marian whispering: "Robin..Hood."

After the Sheriff failed several times to capture the Merry men, he fired him and became Sheriff himself. But when he was captured by the Merry men, the Sheriff came to his aid in exchange for his job back, the King agreed.

He abdicated from his throne in one episode after the gloomy atmosphere and pressure was getting too much for him and left Guy to be King in his place, seeking refuge at the hideout of the Merry Men. But after his nephew was tricked into believing there was a dinosaur attacking the castle, he abdicated and gave the kingdom back to his uncle. Despite this King John decided to live with the Merry Men's hideout finding it peaceful for him to live resulting with Marian scolding Robin.

Despite the fact that England thought he was running the country very badly, when King Richard returned he told his brother he had done a fine job.