Guy of Gisbourne is a recurring villain in the series.

He is King John's nephew, whose mother is Eleoner, the King's sister.

He first arrived after his mother didn't have enough money to keep him anymore and decided to send him to Nottingham Castle. However after he was robbed by the Merry men, Little Ron stole his clothes and the Sheriff mistook him for Guy, but Guy managed to get there eventually.

He is 27 years old, but acts like he's five, constantly getting on the King and the Sheriff's nerves.

Guy likes to speak babyishly saying things such as "Freezy Wheezy" and "Goody Goody Gumdrops with Chocolate Spread on top."

Guy likes to spend his time playing childish games such as Hide and Seek and Pass the Parcel and has a whole room filled with toys including a bouncy castle.

The Sheriff, Gary and Graeme often have to babysit him and King John has tried several times to get him married so he would leave him in peace, but often fails.

However he has to look after him because her sister pays good money to keep him there and also threatened to do an unpleasant thing to him with a pencil if her son was not well looked after.

In one episode he became King after his uncle abdicated and proved to be a much worse monarch than him.

The Merry men tricked him into believing there were ghosts in the castle and handed back the kingdom to his uncle.

His mother who visited him in another episode loves him dearly, often calling him names like "Her little Sugar Ricicle" and "Coco Pop."